How to Unlock Nokia Lumia 920 520 LTE

How to Unlock Nokia Lumia 920 LTE ? Nokia Lumia 920 LTE Unlocking Instructions 1: Turn on phone with Not Accepted SIM card. 2: A menu will pop up to [...]

Supported Blackberry PRD phones

PRD-02930-004 PRD-02930-006 PRD-02930-012 PRD-02930-013 PRD-02930-015 PRD-03632-001 PRD-03632-014 PRD-03632-020 PRD-03747-002 PRD-03747-004 PRD-03747-005 PRD-03747-006 PRD-03747-007 PRD-03747-008 PRD-03747-009 PRD-04245-002 PRD-04608-001 PRD-04608-002 PRD-04763-011 PRD-04763-015 PRD-05103-006 PRD-05109-002 PRD-05109-003 PRD-05109-004 PRD-05109-005 PRD-05109-006 PRD-05109-007 PRD-05109-008 PRD-05109-010 [...]

Galaxy Note Firmware Downgrade

How to change your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Firmware so it can be Unlocked What is going on? Due to a recent firmware update by Canadian carriers which was [...]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Network unlock unsuccessful

I purchased an unlock code, however i get "NETWORK UNLOCK UNSUCCESSFUL". How can i fix that? Lucky for you, has a solution!   Do the following: 1. Make [...]

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