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* At one point, your iPhone require to have been activated and applied to the Rogers Network. It must be “Activated” status.

* If you are not anymore with Rogers, you are always allowed to use our services to unlock your iPhone.

* You will need to connect your iPhone to your Computer iTunes (Latest Version Required).[/vc_message][vc_column_text]

Rogers / Fido iPhone Unlocking

The first thing you can do is contact Rogers directly at 1-855-381-7835 and ask them to unlock it. They will charge you around $50.

You must meet all these conditions:

  • You must have bought the phone directly from them.
  • You must have an active account.
  • Your account must be in good standing order.
  • Your IMEI must be registered in your account.
  • Your IMEI must be in the database for 90+ days.


If you don’t meet all of those conditions, you can unlock it directly through us. We have absolutely no conditions.

Our price is $19.99 (Price varies on availability)

This service runs from Monday – Friday.


**Please note, we can not price match Rogers since our service has no conditions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]After you unlock your Rogers iPhone, you can use it on other carriers like Fido, Bell, Telus and International Use. (Please be sure the network you wish to use is going to be compatible with your Unlocked Rogers iPhone first)

Our Rate of success is 98% and greater! We’re able to unlock nearly every Rogers iPhone, including the ones others cannot unlock!

Unlock all Rogers iPhone Models including:

Unlock Rogers iPhone 3G

Unlock Rogers iPhone 3GS

Unlock Rogers iPhone 4

Unlock Rogers iPhone 4S

Unlock Rogers iPhone 5

Unlock Rogers iPhone 5S

Unlock Rogers iPhone 5C

Unlock Rogers iPhone 6

Unlock Rogers iPhone 6 Plus

Unlock Rogers iPhone 6S

Unlock Rogers iPhone 6S Plus

Unlock Rogers iPhone SE

Unlock Rogers iPhone 7

Unlock Rogers iPhone 7 Plus

* We are able to Unlock All Models / Firmware Versions associated with any Rogers iPhone!

* It doesn’t matter if you are still on contract or do not using Rogers as a carrier.


Rogers iPhone Unlocking Instructions:

1. Dial *#06# to find your iPhone’s IMEI number

2. Place your order through our website

3. When your order has been completed you will get a message from us saying Unlocked.

4. Now perform the following below:

– Install the lastest version of iTunes

– Connect phone to iTunes with an unsupported (invalid) sim card

– Wait until itunes detects phone

– Now disconnect your iPhone and then reconnect after A few moments.

– Phone is Unlocked! You will see this on itunes:

iphone factory unlocked

5. Your Rogers iPhone is factory Unlocked!

NOTE : This is the only “lifetime” unlock solution for Rogers iPhones for the reason that IMEI is registered as “Unlocked” in Apple database. Your phone will be unlocked despite each new update of your phone’s firmware!

We have a 100% successful unlock guarantee!

We have the LOWEST pricing!


So how do you place an order?

Click on “Unlock My Phone” and simply fill out the information

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Contact us on live chat on the bottom right of the page.


Call us: 1 800 419 8498[/vc_message][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]