Unlocking a Galaxy Note 3 is extremely simple.

The first step is knowing which network your phone is locked to. Click on other phones to place an order.

**PLEASE NOTE: Do not enter random codes into your phone, it will cause you to permanently lock the phone


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Processing time: 8-24 hours

Average processing time: 6-8 hours.


If you already have an unlock code, here are the instructions to input the code into the phone.

Step 1:

Insert an unsupported SIM card. An unsupported SIM card is any card that your phone does not support. For example, if your phone is locked to Rogers, any SIM card other than Rogers would be considered an unsupported SIM card.


Step 2:

The phone will ask you for a “SIM network unlock PIN”. Enter the unlock code we provided then push OK.


Your phone will prompt you with “Network Unlock Successful”

If you get “Network Unlock Unsuccessful” you will need to contact [email protected]


Please note: Our support team can only help customers. We do not provide free technical support for non paying customers. We apologize in advanced.