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Absolutely, support is our priority. We offer multiple ways to get in contact with us.

Call us: 1 (800) 419 8498  —  Email us: [email protected] — Chat online with us (bottom right of this screen)

100% yes. We guarantee that your phone will be 100% unlocked. Otherwise you will get a full refund.

Make sure you read our Terms and Conditions to ensure fair usage policy.

Of course, our website has the latest 256bit encryption to process your payment safely!
Absolutely not, even if you ask us to. We would never want to be held liable by keeping your information.
Each phone on each network has a different price. Just click on UNLOCK MY PHONE and fill out the 3 simple boxes. Carrier, manufacturer, and model. Our processing time and price will appear right after.
Our average processing time is 8-24 hours. Some services may take longer. To find the processing time for your phone simply click on UNLOCK MY PHONE and fill out the 3 simple boxes. Carrier, manufacturer, and model. Our processing time and price will appear right after.
As soon as your payment is complete, it will automatically be sent for processing. We will send you your code within the processing time advertised.
OK! We know we’re number 1, which means there shouldn’t be late codes! That is absolutely the case, however sometimes an unseen technical issue creeps out and surprises us! Since we work 24/7, you can be assured that we won’t rest until your code is delivered.
Depends, are you using us?

There are software unlocks and factory unlocks. Software unlocks are used in malls in which they ask you to come back within 20 minutes. In the meantime, they will plug in your phone and modify the firmware on it. Great right? Wrong. This will void your warranty and disable any future firmware updates.

On the other side, we unlock your phone using factory unlock. This is the exact same method your manufacturer or provider use to unlock their phone. Which means, you will keep your warranty, and you will be able to update your firmware.

Absolutely, once you unlock your phone using QuickPhoneUnlock, your phone will NEVER get locked again.
Yes, we do not tamper with any software or hardware. Your phone will function normal. The only difference is, you will be able to use it on other networks.
We have been in business since 2010, and have been getting an influx of new customers daily. So in simple words, ALOT.
We are not your provider, we have our own servers and operate on our own.

– You are currently in a contract

– On pay as you go

– Corporate or Ex-Corporate handset

– The network is unwilling to supply the code for any reason

– You are not the registered owner of the handset

– You bought the phone second hand

No, we don’t enjoy working with phones that were not legally attained. So, in this case, we will not be unlocking that device. Please make sure your phone is not blacklisted. (Lost / Stolen)
We are 100% confident that our prices are the most competitive in the market. If you happen to find a cheaper price, contact us 🙂

Please note, there are some “fishy” websites that we do not price match. Also the website should have a phone number or someone real to speak with.

Yes, that is not a problem. We can unlock your brand new phone.

For Apple iPhone, please make sure you activate the phone prior to unlocking.

So you’ve successfully unlocked your phone with us? Go ahead and recommend us to family and friends. Most of our customers are here because of word-of-mouth.
Contact Us! We are more than happy to help you.

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